Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aspiring Artist: What to pack in your train case or kit

.Okay so here is a list of the things you would want to pack in your kit or train case. This is just a beginners list you will notice that as you get clients and different jobs this list will continue to grow

  1. Business Cards clients need contact info also a pen just in case you need to write something down
  2. Camera especially if your not going to a photoshoot you want to be able to capture of all your work
  3. Foundations different shades to start, choose a line and get one bottle of the lightest, middle and darkest colors to custom blend foundations. C1, C6 & N9 are great colors to choose from M.A.C's face and body foundation line. Also if you can getting a palette like the one graphtobian offers, it's a great essential foundation palette.
  4. Air Brush makeup & compressor to offer clients additional services & generate additional revenue for yourself
  5. Blushes pinks, peaches & red tones. Personally I suggest orange as well especially for women of color it looks gorgeous.
  6. Eye shadows try to stick to palettes it will help you so much in the long run
  7. Eyeliners black ,brown & white you can get others like plums and greens as your clientele grows and to accommodate diff eye colors.
  8. Eyebrow pencils black & brown
  9. Concealer tones a bit lighter than foundations and also camouflage formulas for more coverage
  10. Lip liners pinks, reds, nudes & browns
  11. Lipsticks red, pinks, peaches, berry tones & browns
  12. Lip glosses clear and different finishes to compliment liners & lip colors
  13. Lip moisturizers blistex or carmex are great examples
  14. Pressed Powders M.A.C's skin finish natural powders to set makeup are perfect
  15. Loose Powder translucent to set concealer and use as touch ups for oils also blot tissue is great to keep on hand especially for brides to control oils
  16.  Face Primers helps the appearance of pores & smoothes skin surface
  17. Mascara black brown-black
  18. Brushes & Brush belt is a great website to purchase quality brushes & belts when starting out
  19. Sponges latex free you may get a client allergic to latex
  20. Powder Puffs to press powders into skin
  21. False eyelashes strips or individual
  22. Eyelash curler
  23. Pencil sharpener
  24. Tweezers
  25. Scissors
  26. Tissues & Paper towels
  27. Disposable applicators mascara wands,lipgloss etc
  28. Makeup Remover wipes & solution
  29. Astringent
  30. Moisturizer
  31. Cotton balls, swabs, pads & qtips
  32. Hand sanitizer & alcohol
  33. Makeup cape
  34. Hair clips
  35. Brush cleanser m.a.c & japonesque parian spirits are great brands & quick drying
  36. Mirror  so client can see what your doing and learn a tip or two
  37. Plastic table cover to protect work area and keep makeup practice sanitary
  38. Metal Makeup palette & spatula to mix foundations lip colors etc.
  39. Sandwich Bags or mini bags to hold trash
  40. Train case or set bag you need something to carry all this in & to stay organized
  41. A smile have fun and congrats on your path to a great career!! : )
  42. Antibacterial Soap is also great and a bottle of water just in case a sink isn't available to wash hands.