Diva Doll Tips & Tricks

Being A Fabulous Mommy Takes Work!!!

Hey Dolls!! So I just wanted to speak on the topic of being a Fabulous Mommy. We all know that motherhood is one of the hardest jobs ever!! We spend hours of our day taking care of our children tending to spouses, cooking, cleaning, and that doesn't even include the duties at our jobs. So in the end who's there to tend to mommy?  We are, that's who. So I just wanted to share some quick tips on what I do to give myself some extra pampering throughout the week. Now I know alot of you state there just isn't enough time, and while that may be true, the time is there if we make it a priority. I get tons of people on a daily basis who state" You are beautiful, you don't look like a mother!" And it always leaves me with the same question inside, "What exactly does a mother look like?" It always strikes me as odd that people really think we are this alien race that should not desire to look just as fabulous as the non-mommies. Having children doesn't mean you are no longer sexy or that you shouldn't look attractive or appealing. It just means you have another role to play in life to add to your resume. Below are some tricks and rules that I have made a priority for myself. Yes it may seem hard at first but if you fit it into your schedule after awhile it will become less of a "to do" and just flow naturally along with everything else in your hected schedule. Enjoy Dolls!!

  1. I never carry a traditional diaper bag. I always find the biggest purse and fill it with essentials for baby & I. (Look for animal prints or styles that scream fabulous!) Remember to have a smaller wallet on the inside that carries just your credit cards, money etc. That way you can pull it out when you dont need to tote around your bag. Also remember to carry some lipstick, lipgloss, mascara etc.That way your beauty essentials are always handy.
  2. Take bubblebaths. We always think of jumping in the shower as part of our hygiene routine. But why not take the extra minutes at night or early morning to have a nice warm soak. It always relaxes my mind and helps me clear my thoughts before starting a busy day or after a long hected day. If you can, light a candle or two or place a candle on a candle warmer to let the aroma calm your senses.
  3. Make it mandatory for yourself that you do not leave outside your home without makeup. It doesnt have to always be a full face. But a little mascara, lipgloss and grooming your brows can make a huge difference in how you feel. Even if you are just running to the supermarket.
  4. Pick up a nice piece of lingerie. Even if you have no one to wear it for, sometimes just slipping into something nice makes us feel very feminine.
  5. Make time for a quick mani/pedi either choose a day of the week thats set aside specifially for mommy to go to the salon or do it at home. Maybe invite another girlfriend over so the kiddies can play together while the two of you can catch up & have your mani/pedi day. 
  6. Get a face cleansing routine down pack that includes exfoliating, the extra minutes during your shower will be well worth it in the end when you have pretty, glowy skin.
  7. Plan your outfit out the night before (as well as the kiddies)it will save you time in the morning that way you can enjoy sifting thru your wardrobe, looking forward to what you will put on the next day may give you the extra pep in your step.
  8. Keep a journal. I know it sounds highschoolish but to this day I keep a journal it helps me sort through my feelings when im frustrated or reflect on the positive things thats that are going on in my life. Find one thats super pretty or make your own out of a notebook and some craft supplies to decorate. You can also purchase or decorate a shoe box & write your thoughts on a index card. I like to look at my journal as a time capsule.
  9. Find a fav magazine(mines is Cosmopolitan) or book and read a article or chapter out of it either during lunch break, or while baby is napping. I love magazines because you can keep up with all the latest fashions and its something to look forward to every month!
  10. Lastly Pray, sometimes life really gets hected. This I actually do in the morning and at night. Sometimes even during the day to get me thru. Try to find a church home, Luckily my pastor also comes on tv, his sermons are streamed live on Sundays and I just always have excess to a great word during the week!! It really keeps me sane during those crazy times. Sundays aren't the only day for worship. God is always around and listening. He is the one sure thing we can always depend on. God Bless Dolls!! I hope this helps!!